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“Request Cousin Gabe” is an informative article at where I answer questions from subscribers. If you want to ask me a question, regarding wagering, any forthcoming battle cards, or MMA generally, please email it to [email protected] and make certain you include your name and location.
“Thinking about going all in an Ngannou. What do you say?” -Miami, Rich, FL
He very well could win, but I believe those of you paying -325 to get Ngannou over Junior Dos Santos are only out of your thoughts. The lineup should be -160, so while I also personally want to back Ngannou with my wallet inside this spot, I can not do so at these chances. I believe we’re looking at a”puppy or pass” situation, and personally, I’m going to have a dilemma on whether to take a shot on the puppy or not. I think he retains worth, but I don’t enjoy the fact that he is taking on a heavy hitter coming off a knockout reduction.
“Are you really going to have any plays for the Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series fights?” -Ashford, Rick, WA
I have bet on several battles in preceding weeks but have not had the time to put out any plays, considering the lines come out Monday night and the struggles are on Tuesday night. I will attempt, but won’t be able to have it done this week either. The amount of work it takes and the time I have don’t seem possible, especially considering I need want to place out at least 2 plays. While I won’t have the ability to have an article out for this week, I really do like Tiffany Experts +115, as I believe she needs to be a -170 gaming favorite heading into her matchup versus Jamie Colleen.
“I’m visiting NYC next month. Do you have any restaurant recommendations? ” -Jim, Odessa, TX
To find your best pastrami sandwich around the planet, visit Harry and Ida’s at the East Village.
For legit Brazilian acai (and freshwater dishes), visit Berimbau du Brazil from the West Village.
For a fantastic slice, my top 2 places right now Joe’s on Carmine and Williamsburgh Pizza on Broome/Allen. Little Italy Pizza at the Financial District is an excellent 24-hour joint, as well, for a late night piece. For a few fantastic soup, The Original Soup Man in Hell’s Kitchen is the place to strike! You’ll recall it from”The Soup Nazi” episode of Seinfeld. The soup there’s untrue, as is that their lobster roll, and sometimes you’ll find the celebrity who plays with the Soup Nazi there taking pictures with customers/tourists.
Thank you for your queries and contributions.
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